Reference projects

Below you will find a brief summary of our reference projects. If you want to know more about the approach and implementation please contact Jan Verkaar.

  • Security consultancy projects at water companies. Particularly related (advice and coaching) to DHM Security Management.
  • Research project concerning questionable activities (offenses) at a Real Estate organisation in The Netherlands.
  • Research project in Italy following the embezzlement of containers with valuable goods.
  • Security consultancy project at the Italian branch of a German international company.
  • Several security consultancy projects on behalf of a private health institution.
  • Projectmanager physical security at a financial service provider.
  • Interim Specialist Security & Safety at a financial service provider.
  • Research project on fraud and scams for an American multinational in collaboration with foreign investigation agency.
  • Security consultancy project at youth healthcare and refuge center.
  • Projectmanagement during the introduction of physical security measures for several car dealers.
  • Security consultancy project based on DHM Security Management concerning a high risk object at an University.
  • Project support during a public/private venture involving installation of security cameras on a range of company premises in the northern Netherlands
  • Interim Security Manager at an University.
  • Consultancy and interim management at the Dutch headquarters of an American multinational. Support during an internal fraud investigation, with subsequent advice on physical security measures.


Multiple articles have been published by and about Jan Verkaar. Below you will find a list of publications (interviews/articles) that were released.