The SFS – Security Facility Services approach

The world around us is changing rapidly. Internationalisation, the blurring of national borders, the availability of information, the Internet of Things and the increasing professionalism of organised crime ask for a different take on security and reducing risk. A prior analysis of the potential risk (risk management) and security (visible and invisible) can prevent a lot of damage.

Prevention is better than cure

Whenever an incident or calamity (physical threat, extortion or worse) occurs and you hire a security professional, you are essentially too late. A preventive risk assessment helps you to drastically reduce the impact of potential risks. Experience shows that the impact of a safety or security risk is much bigger when it has not been taken into account.

Reduce risk by mapping them properly

The safety and security market and the companies offering their services are quite diverse. There are experts in digital security, personal security, physical security of buildings and assets, fraud investigation, etcetera. The one similarity between all these companies is the lack of overview, all focusing on a small part of security; They miss the bird’s-eye view.

Bird’s eye view

SFS – Security Facility Services is characterized by its holistic approach. Jan Verkaar of SFS – Security Facility Services analyses all possible risk areas and if necessary calls for the help of other professionals to reduce or defuse potential threats.