From analysis to implementation

Our security analysis results can lead to taking action on several or all risk possibilities. We are at your service for your total (or partial) security policy.

In the field of security advises and coordinates SFS – Security Facility Services include:

  • Formulation of security policy (using DHM Security Management)
  • Drafting of security plans (using DHM Security Management)
  • Completion of security investigations by means of quick scans, risk analysis, audits, analyses and periodic checks of security measures
  • An integrated approach to security measures, for example in pursuit of KVO Safe Enterprise Certification
  • Comparison of tenders and advice on tendering procedures (Drafting Request for Proposal RFP and/or Request for Information RFI)
  • Advice and support in relation to threats, blackmail, etcetera
  • Personal security (executive protection)
  • Training, particularly in the area of safety and security awareness, integrity and conflict resolution

In the field of safety the services we carry out include:

  • Completion of safety scans
  • Advice on the implementation of fire safety measures
  • Drafting of a company emergency plan
  • Setting up a company incident response organisation
  • Establishment of a First Aid organisation
  • Recommendations on business continuity planning
  • Advice and support on crisis management and crisis control

The above mentioned is a brief summary of all we have to offer. Curious how we do business? For more information contact Jan Verkaar – Msec CPOI